Chapter 1 – The Power of Belief

Excerpt from Chapter 1, the Power of Belief: vicarious examples, Forever young foreer fit We learn to age through vicarious experience—by watching how other people age, what other people say about aging, how society in general looks at the aging process. The subconscious mind does a job of it by recording all these external messages of aging. We unknowingly internalize these messages until they become our physical reality. You can help yourself. Be observant. Identify messages that refer to the aging process—in particular, those that dictate how life should be when a person reaches a certain age. You can overcome the negative influence of vicarious examples through simple awareness that it exists. Is there anything positive about vicarious examples? Yes. There are people in our society and in the media who are great examples we can strive to emulate. We can learn something from everyone. With an open mind, we can also find gems of wisdom in others while dismissing the rest of the package. The Internet is a great resource of inspiring people who know how to keep a young and fit lifestyle. You will often stumble upon them through interest groups and sites dedicated to health and fitness. young and fit book

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