Chapter 4 – A Stronger Version of Yourself

Chapter 4 – A Stronger Version of Yourself:

Fitness—What Does It Mean?

What is Fitness Fitness is a state of health that involves attaining the following physical attributes:

  1. Strength—The power in your muscles to do work like lifting, pulling, pushing, and holding on to a position
  2. Mobility—The ability to move your body from one position to another. This property encompasses strength and flexibility as well as the element of speed.
  3. Flexibility—The ability of muscles and connective tissues to stretch. Flexibility is an essential factor for mobility and the prevention of injuries.
  4. Balance—The brain-to-muscle coordination that allows us to hold our position without falling
  5. Endurance—The measure of cardiovascular fitness. It is important to gain endurance so you can engage in physical activities without getting too easily exhausted.

Endurance is what most people quite wrongly consider to be “fitness.” It is an important element in fitness, certainly, but it is only useful together with strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance. These fitness attributes are best developed and maintained with regular, mindful exercise.

Your Road to Fitness

The purpose of this chapter is to provide you with an understanding of the real purpose of physical exercise. Since we all start at different levels of physical fitness, you will not find textbook prescriptions of which exercise you should do, when to do them, or how long your exercises should take. You will be provided with enough information to plan your own workout and training routines as you develop physically. Fitness is not about getting thin. young and fit book

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