Chapter 7 – What You See is What You Get

Excerpt from Chapter 7 – What You See is What You Get what you see is what you get How do you really look? It’s a funny thing. You’re the only person in the world who cannot really see yourself in the flesh. Yes, you can see your hands, feet, belly, and some parts of your back, but you really cannot directly see your entire self. You cannot see how your body actually moves in space. We cannot even hear your real voice. Until we can peel our eyes out of our heads, and look at ourselves from afar, we wouldn’t know how we really look. Photographs and videos give us some idea, but those images of us are not 100 percent realistic. Even if photography of a person were possible in 3-D, there would still be something missing. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, that image is laterally inverted. Even if the mirror ran a mile long, we couldn’t really see ourselves walk, run, sit, and stand naturally. We cannot see ourselves, but the whole world can see us. From how we look, others make up their minds as to how young or old we are. Being forever young and forever fit is achieved when the world can see how young we really are. It would be pointless to let ourselves get old looking, frail, bent, or slouchy—and then try to tell the world, “I might look old, but I feel young.” Therefore, we need to be extra conscious of our looks. There are many ways to go about analyzing your look. Videos can help with identifying and correcting posture issues. It would be a good idea to have someone take videos of how you walk, sit, and run, so bad posture habits can be noted and corrected. Good posture is necessary for having that fit, youthful look. We shall discuss other features that give the impression of youth or youth long gone. Some people neglect their looks for years, only to gasp, “OMG! Who is that old person wearing my dress in that video?” That’s the kind of surprise we want to do without. Instead, we want to surprise others by saying, “I will be one hundred tomorrow.” Look young to be young. There are effective methods to achieving anything you want; you start from the outside in. You don’t need to be young to look young. You look young to be young. This is not unlike the idea behind the saying “Fake it to make it.” In this situation, I recommend the saying “Fake it to become it.” Counterintuitive? Perhaps it is. But it works. So why not try? Let’s assess what looking forever young, forever fit means. A couple of external factors affect how young we look. These are superficial markings of a young (or old) person. Let’s work from the outside in. young and fit book

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