Chapter 8 – What You Say is What You Get

Excerpt from Chapter 8 – What You Say is What You Get Human dominance over all living creatures on this planet is founded on the word. We communicate our thoughts by stringing words together to form language. Communication allows us to impart lessons from life experiences down through generations. Language is so powerful that it affects our minds in ways we aren’t even aware of. Words used to tell a story in a novel or dramatic news heard on the radio can trigger emotional responses in us. Mind and body, we know, are interconnected. When we listen to or read something, our minds analyze the words. Words stimulate our emotions. Emotions trigger hormonal responses, which affect our physiology. The effects are observable signs like sweating and increased pulse when we read frightening news, or tears welling up when we read a sad novel. Our responses to these are rarely voluntary. There are more subtle effects of language than outright fear or sadness. These effects are hardly noticeable to us. We’re constantly bombarded by words. We hear people talk. Things are communicated in the media, books, blogs, advertising, signs, and so on. These words affect our states of mind—our moods, emotions, and choices we make in life. While words received passively affect how we are, the words we say or write etch our fate in stone. Observe individuals around you and the kind of stuff they say or write, whether in passing or in all seriousness. Blogs and social media statuses are great places to observe other people’s language. People often repeat themselves, and their words are a reflection of their personalities. What they say often reflects how they really are and the situation they are in. Complaining about the same things over and over will not make things better. Things usually deteriorate more quickly with people who spend their lives lamenting. If we substitute our urge to complain with affirmations for positive change, things will improve. The little improvements will snowball into significant progress. This is true for every aspect of our lives, not just in health and fitness. The reverse is also true. What we say actually makes us who we are. How we talk about our situations in life manifests into full-blown book young and fit book

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