Chapter 9 – A Timeless Mind-Set

Excerpt from Chapter 9 – A Timeless Mind-Set: the age box To be forever young and forever fit, one has to think forever young and forever fit. Every manifestation of success (or failure) has its origins in our minds. Thinking young and fit will lead us to being young and fit. Any other way would be impossible. Going through the motions of exercising, dieting, dressing young, or even getting cosmetic surgery would be fruitless if one had the wrong mind-set. Thinking we’re old is the number one cause of aging. For most of us, this begins very early in life. We allow society to define us by our age. It starts when we’re kids; the adults in our lives celebrate our “growing up.” Then when we’re teenagers, they celebrate us “being grown up.” Then when we become parents, workers, and employers, we celebrate our importance as matured individuals. Up to that point, life seems like a celebration. Unfortunately that process doesn’t end right there. When we reach our forties, society tells us we’re middle aged, which means we’re categorically not young people anymore. By our sixties, society considers us old, and by our eighties we’re considered aged. By the time we approach one hundred, they count every year we stay alive and celebrate it like it’s something out of the ordinary. When we allow others to identify us by our chronological age, we subconsciously identify ourselves that way too. When we think of ourselves as getting older, we play the role of the older person. We allow society to put us in an age box. To stay forever young and forever fit, we need to get ourselves out of the box. Before we can get ourselves out of the box, we must believe that it exists and know what it looks like. “You know someone said the world’s a stage, and each must play a part…” That’s from the lyrics to the song “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” sung by Elvis Presley; the lyrics are derived from a Shakespearean quote. The world’s a stage, but we should decide for ourselves what we want to do on it. young and fit book

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