64 Weeks to Change Your Life Forever

Welcome to Forever Young Forever Fit’s 64 Life Changing Motivations. This is a free newsletter that is sent to anyone who signs up with us.What you’ll get is one email per week, The weekly email you will get is an article to motivate you to make one positive change  for the next 7 days. These ‘changes’ aren’t big unreachable goals but small things you can do to effect a little change.

The Power of Small

Small changes are powerful. They are like little drops of water that eventually fills buckets. For small changes to be effective, there lies the need for time. Allowing time to take effect requires in us the virtue of patience.

The Virtue of Patience

Patience is an underrated virtue. We want things and we need things. We don’t often get what we want or need because we have not the patience to see things through. “Lose weight fast”, “Get a bikini body by Summer” are examples of how we are drawn to the false idea that change can happen without patience.

Getting to the Root of Problems

You landed on this site for a variety of reason which may include:

  • wanting to lose fat
  • needing to build a better looking physique
  • wanting to learn how to live healthy
  • wanting tips on anti aging, fitness and/or diet
  • needing information to make good lifestyle choices

All these needs and wants are like branches on a tree. Solving these ‘issues’ alone can only bring short-term solutions.  Tree branches are supported by the trunk, and the trunk is supported by the roots. In order for branches to look great, the entire tree needs to be healthy. To do that we need to get to the roots, trunk then to the branches.

Effective Transformation

We face never-ending weight loss and health issues no matter how hard we try to fix them. These issues costs us money, effort and time.  When we fail to gain lasting changes, there is waste. Sometimes in our haste to make change, we follow quick-fix ideas and end up creating more problems. What do I mean by this? Many of us have gone through failed diet and exercise programs. Some are excessive and some are just plain wrong. When we force ourselves into these programs, we risk damaging our health. Deficient calorie dieting will help you lose weight in two weeks, but in the long term will cause your body to go into starvation mode and store more fat. Excessive exercising and aggressive workouts will cause the same effect of lowered metabolism, wear out joints and muscles, and cause injury. Effective transformation happens when you achieve these goals:

  • Lose excess fat and/or gain muscle mass, keeping an optimum body fat and lean mass composition — forever.
  • Gain and maintain the 5 attributes of fitness: strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility and balance — forever.
  • Maintain good eating habits effortlessly.
  • Suffer no food cravings.
  • Being able to get good sleep.
  • Enjoy good cardio-vascular strength.
  • Enjoy optimum energy levels, and staying alert and relevant for life.
  • Looking truly attractive.

All these and more for as long as you live.

How the 64 Changes Work

These changes symbolizes little goals. There is power in small. 64 changes are small challenges set for you. Make them your personal targets. You will receive only one change a week. Take up the challenge as they come. Some change is easier than others. Enjoy the easy challenges and embrace the difficult ones. After the week is over, you may choose to continue living with the change, or you may not. Either way, it is the right decision. Taking up this challenge to make a change every week works by :

  • Encouraging you to focus on positive change.
  • Helping you believe that you can make positive change in your life.
  • Encouraging you to let go of stubborn control and allow others to help you.
  • Helping you break bad habits and negative patterns.
  • Helping you learn a couple of life enriching skills.
  • Transforming your body through making small lifestyle changes.
  • Helping you succeed with anything you do by making changes with patience.

Why 64?

64 is a powerful number. There are 64 hexagrams in the ancient Taoist divination of the I-Ching. It is a metaphysical number of changes in the universe, from alpha to the omega. The I Ching is a book of change. Everybody and everything changes. Change is inevitable. What we can help is how we change. When we choose to make a positive change regularly, we move our destiny forward. What you will inherit is the skill to effect real positive change. Change that is deep rooted.  When change has roots, the effects last forever. When you have achieved this you will be able to help others too. Regards,   Nik Helbig Forever Young Forever Fit      

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