12 – Exercise the Pause – Hold Your Horses

This week’s goal is for us to exercise patience. Hold your horses. Wait. Have you ever done something rash, only to regret it later? Have you wrongfully lashed out at someone, said something hurtful only to realize you were wrong? The problem with being hasty with action is that some actions cannot be taken back — like saying an unkind word to a loved one, or worse, causing physical hurt. The media is full of examples of people doing rash acts out of anger: like cause an accident because of road rage, or strike someone because of inability to control anger. There are also impulses ¬†like greed — rushing for bargains causing hurt in the rush. Rash acts come in many forms. These are often always the result of uncontrolled, irrational thoughts leading to action. If people were to exercise this change of “the pause” we may see less accidents, and chaos. This week is a good opportunity to be mindful of the need to hold back, wait, think and breathe, before acting on your impulses.


  • Every morning as you rise remind yourself of this mission.
  • Be constantly aware of routine happenings that cause you emotional upset. If you have a tendency to get irritated while driving, be mindful when you drive. Remind yourself of this exercise to “pause”.
  • When you get angry, make it a point to pause — at least for a few seconds. Even if you act in anger after, the moment would have reduced the intensity of your actions.
  • Wait. Don’t act out your anger, just wait.
  • Breathe.

Make a journal of the incidences during the day that led you to take up the challenge. Ask yourself, “why did this incident affect me?” Think of the emotion behind the episode. With each exercise, do not expect to erase all feelings of negative emotion. Instead, use this as an exercise in knowing your sub-conscious. The more aware you are of this, the more control you will have over your actions.

Why You Need This:

We need a world of peace. It starts with inner peace. When unchecked, our emotions run our actions. When we pause, we bring peace back to ourselves. This gets reflected on what we do. Inner peace leads to universal peace. When you can hold your impulse to act on your emotions, you gain control over them. Remember that you are not your emotions. Emotions are reflex actions that originate from our sub-conscious mind. Be the driver of your actions and do not allow your emotions to drive you.¬† Whenever you feel an emotion, pause.  

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